Promoting collaborative Orthopaedic research in the State of Iowa with a goal of improving Orthopaedic surgery through scientific discovery.

The Iowa Orthopaedic Research Foundation was organized in 2011.  It is the “research arm” of the Iowa Orthopaedic Society.  It is a 501 (c) 3 organization.

The IOF exists to promote collaborative orthopaedic research in the state of Iowa with a goal of improving orthopaedic surgery through scientific discovery.

Todd McKinley, M.D

Todd McKinley, M.D


The IORF wants to recognize Todd McKinley, M.D., formerly from the University of Iowa as the Founder of the organization.


The goal of the Iowa Orthopaedic Reserach Foundation (IORF) is to provide financial support to conduct community based, clinical orthopaedic research in the state of Iowa. The IORF will fund at least one grant per year starting at $5,000. These funds are available to any Iowa Orthopaedic Society (IOS) member, resident physician or medical student in Iowa.

Any eligible surgeon can apply for the grant. If you have an idea for a research project and are interested in applying for this funding, please see instructions on how to apply. Collaboration with an active University of Iowa Orthopaedic Resident or any medical student in the State of Iowa is encouraged but not mandatory. If you would like to collaborate with a student or resident, please contact Dr. Matt Karam

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